Professor Gary FirestoneChair of the Endocrinology Graduate Program

Professor Greg AponteFaculty Graduate Advisor of the Endocrinology Graduate Program


All Faculty associated with the Endocrinology Graduate Group


  • Gregory AponteProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Regulation of epithelial cell motility and differentiation by neuropeptides
  • George E. BentleyProfessor of Integrative Biology
    Avian reproductive biology, neuroendocrinology and behavior
  • Mina BissellPrincipal Scientist, Life Sciences Division, LBNL
    Regulation of tissue-specific gene expression in normal and malignant breast cells
  • Gertrude C. BuehringProfessor of Public Health and Epidemiology
    Etiology and prevention of breast cancer
  • Danica ChenProfessor of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
    Calorie restriction, oxidative stress, stem cell aging, tissue maintenance and metabolic disease
  • Gary FirestoneProfessor of Cell and Developmental Biology
    Hormone and phytochemical regulation of human cancer cell signaling and gene expression
  • Gian Garriga, Professor of Genetics, Genomics and Development
    Asymmetic cell division, cell migration and axonal pathfinding
  • Tyrone B. HayesProfessor of Integrative Biology
    Amphibian developmental endocrinology
  • Lin HeAssociate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
    Non-coding RNA regulation of cancer cell gene expression and stem cell differentiation
  • Marc HellersteinProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Intracellular metabolic processes
  • Sona Kang, Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
    Influence of epigenetic events on cellular metabolism and adipose biology
  • Daniela KauferProfessor of Integrative Biology
    Stress and steroid hormones effects on the brain
  • Lance J. KriegsfeldProfessor of Psychology and Integrative Biology
    Neuroendocrinology, reproductive biology, and biological timing
  • Polina V LishkoAssociate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
    Cell biology of mammalian fertilization and steroid control of ion channels
  • Kunxin LuoProfessor of Cell and Developmental Biology
    Signal transduction pathways in mammary stem/progenitor cells and breast cancer progression
  • Anders Näär, Professor of Nutritional Sciences
    Gene expression, microRNAs, Mammalian Cell Metabolism, Metabolic Diseases, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, NAFLD/NASH, cancer therapies
  • Daniel Nomura, Professor of Nutritional Sciences
    Mapping metabolism in human disease
  • Kaoru Saijo - Assistant Professor of Immunology and Pathogenesis
    Nuclear Receptor-mediated regulation of Neuroinflammation
  • Andreas StahlProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Molecular biology of obesity related disorders
  • Hei-Sook SulProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Hormonal regulation of lipid metabolism and adipocyte differentiation
  • Jen-Chywan Wang, Professor of Nutritional Sciences
    Mechanisms of glucocorticoid receptor-regulated metabolism