Professor Jen-Chywan ("Wally") Wang, Interim Chair of the Endocrinology Graduate Group

Professor Lance Kriegsfeld, Interim Head Graduate Advisor of the Endocrinology Graduate Group

Professor Sona Kang, Interim Equity Advisor


Endocrinology Graduate Group Faculty


  • Gregory AponteProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Regulation of epithelial cell motility and differentiation by neuropeptides
  • Ana Paula ArrudaAssistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
    Research in Arruda lab aims to understand how remodeling of the ER structure and contact sites with other organelles translate in alterations in metabolic regulation during nutritional fluctuations in physiology and metabolic diseases
  • Annaliese BeeryAssistant Professor of Integrative Biology
    Brain basis of behavior, integrating ecological, evolutionary and neuroscience perspectives
  • George E. BentleyProfessor of Integrative Biology
    Avian reproductive biology, neuroendocrinology and behavior
  • Danica ChenProfessor of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
    Calorie restriction, oxidative stress, stem cell aging, tissue maintenance and metabolic disease
  • Tyrone B. HayesProfessor of Integrative Biology
    Amphibian developmental endocrinology
  • Marc HellersteinProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Intracellular metabolic processes
  • Sona Kang, Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
    Influence of epigenetic events on cellular metabolism and adipose biology
  • Daniela KauferProfessor of Integrative Biology
    Stress and steroid hormones effects on the brain
  • Lance J. KriegsfeldProfessor of Psychology and Integrative Biology
    Neuroendocrinology, reproductive biology, and biological timing
  • David MooreProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Nuclear Receptor Hormone signaling and Metabolic regulation in normal and disease states
  • Andreas StahlProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Molecular biology of obesity related disorders
  • Hei-Sook SulProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
    Hormonal regulation of lipid metabolism and adipocyte differentiation
  • Jen-Chywan (Wally) Wang, Professor of Nutritional Sciences
    Mechanisms of glucocorticoid receptor-regulated metabolism

Emeritus Faculty


  • Gary FirestoneProfessor of the Graduate School in Molecular and Cell Biology
    Hormone and phytochemical regulation of human cancer cell signaling and gene expression